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GEK GUAN RATTAN FURNITURE (M) SDN BHD is a Manufacturer , Wholesaler and Retailer of Rattan , Bamboo , Woods  products. Become a major supplier of Materials and Products of Rattan and Bamboo, which are having a high demand locally and internationally. Besides that, GEK GUAN RATTAN FURNITURE (M) SDN BHD also is a manufacturer that produce Rattan and Bamboo furniture and decoration product.

GEK GUAN RATTAN FURNITURE (M) SDN BHD was born in 1954, founded by a Malaysian Chinese men Tay Wee Kean(1918~1991) who was born in a small village located in Muar territory currently known as Parit Jawa.


As a professional manufacturer of rattan and bamboo products, Usefulness, Durability and Aesthetics of the products were always our main pursue in the arts of rattan and bamboo making.

Thus, our production ranged from furniture, indoor and outdoor decoration products and also services of interior packaging is well trusted by clients in Malaysia for over half a century and still counting. Now our branches are available in many states in Malaysia.

We are also importing many kinds of rattan and bamboo products from various countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

Our services also ACCEPT CUSTOM MADE of rattan and bamboo making or production, through communicates with us, your thoughts and ideas may come into reality.

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